​James Harden was the NBA's MVP in 2017-18. He was part of a Houston Rockets team that pushed the Warriors to seven games in the Western Conference Finals. 

You'd expect that this oh-so-close-to-winning experience would drive the Beard to get in the best shape of his life, right? Maybe not. In a recently surfaced photo, James Harden looks completely out of shape.

What in the....

Wait, there's more!

Yikes. He sure looks like he's had an enjoyable summer. I know he's playing in the Drew League but my God, he looks like he's had three too many helpings of dessert. 

This next picture is not much better either.

He's really put on a lot of weight in the stomach area it appears. Rockets fans, send this dude some broccoli in the remaining months he has to get back on track.

The ​Rockets were a great story last year after finishing tops in the West, coming one game away from the NBA Finals. They gave the NBA hope that a team could actually make the Warriors sweat. 

Well, seeing as Harden has seemingly not even broken a sweat this summer, the ​Rockets could be in trouble in 2018-19.