One of the most popular NFL referees in football history, Ed Hochuli, recently retired this offseason taking his tight, Baby Gap zebra shirts and 20-inch biceps with him. Unfortunately, we won't get to see Ed challenge the seams and stitching of his sleeves on Sundays when calling personal foul penalties.

But don't worry everyone. Ed's son, Shawn, has taken his place to usher in the next great generation of "Hoch-ules."

Honestly, most people didn't realize it right away, but the resemblance is certainly there in both men's faces. The arms, however, are lacking.

Don't worry, the potential is there. Shawn just needs to sneak into any one of the 32 NFL teams' weight rooms and get a solid pregame pump on before taking the field.

There is a good chance Shawn never lives down that nickname even if he eventually can outlift his dad.

That doesn't matter. As long as he can be as consistent and descriptive with his calls as his old man was, then long live the Hochuli family of officiating.