​Justin Verlander talked earlier about how Kate Upton, his wife, was instrumental in helping him turn his career around. That's great to hear, but Kate couldn't help Justin through the debacle that was his start against the Mariners.

First, he got rocked for a reverse cycle in the first inning and then he was ejected for arguing a balk call in the second.

There are bad starts to a game and then there's this mess. Verlander clearly had his mind on other things while he was on the mound. Either that, or he jinxed himself. 

Yep, definitely jinxed himself. Not only that, he embarrassed himself in the very next inning. 

He attempted a pick-off move to second but clearly stepped over the pitcher's mound towards second base. The last time I checked, that's a balk. 

The ump called a balk and then ​Justin threw a big fit. He was promptly ejected from the game. 

Normally, we'd feel sorry for him, but this moment has us all like this.

Big time break for the Mariners, who are out to a 6-2 lead with JV now out of the game.

But hey, at least Verlander can say he gets to go home to ​Kate Upton.