Madden 19 season is upon us and we've already seen our first glitch of the new game. Josh Allen must be a fan of the video game franchise as he's clearly on the field honoring Madden 19 with a glitch of his own. That's the only way you can explain how he got this pass off. 

​​How was that even possible?

Normally, Madden glitches are positive for at least one person. The Bills are lucky this didn't get picked off, so I suppose you can say this is a good thing for Buffalo? It's surely better than some of the passes he was throwing during training camp so far.

You have to look at the positives here. He didn't throw a pick, he didn't get hurt when his body was bent like a Chinese finger trap, and he lived to throw another day. Take the baby steps with Josh Allen.

For both his progression and your sanity, Bills fans.