As we expected, with the NFL now back in full swing with a full slate of preseason Week 1 games, the attention would undoubtedly be on what athletes around the league would do during the National Anthem.

Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins continued to raise his fist when his team kicked off against the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight, but the Jacksonville Jaguars handled things a bit differently.

It's not clear yet if this was in direct response to the NFL and its controversial policy made this offseason to punish the players that choose to kneel, but this is one of the first instances we have seen where teams were apart during the Anthem.

The team recently was a part of controversy last season when players collectively knelt at Wembley Stadium in London for the Anthem but then stood for a rendition of "God Save the Queen."

Now, the Jaguars might be the face of the Anthem debate by the time tomorrow comes.