​The NFL is back! Well, at least the preseason is here. Regardless, the first truly memorable moment of the newest football season came to us when Steelers' linebacker Ryan Shazier joined his teammates in the pregame huddle before the team's game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Shazier was one of the better linebackers in the game before tragedy struck. The former Pro Bowl selection was involved in a collision December 4, 2017, against the Cincinnati Bengals to the point where he could not move his legs and had to be carted off the field in one of the more emotional moments in recent football history.

Shazier's ​comeba​ck story has been nothing short of inspiring. Not only is he now able to move his legs, but he's recovering to the point where he's starting to ​walk without a cane.

While the odds of him suiting up again for the Steelers are slim at best, just seeing him being able to walk on the field is an encouraging enough sign for all of us fans at home. We're all rooting for you, Ryan!