The New England Patriots are expected to prove that their dynasty isn't over when they head to yet another Super Bowl. That doesn't happen for a few months, and meaningful games still aren't for a number of weeks. 

Since the hunt for a sixth title hasn't yet started, Patriots fans are clearly still enjoying their summer before they have to kick things into gear. 

New England's preseason has begun, but their fans may not have noticed.

​​To be fair, they're probably focused on the Red Sox's soon-to-be championship season at the moment. 

Realistically, the Patriots don't play a lot of their starters. Tom Brady isn't going to see the field, key contributors will barely get a chance to make a difference, and we'll hear a lot of names that you'll never hear again. That doesn't sound very enticing for even the most diehard fan. 

​​The games certainly don't matter, but it's funny seeing these seats empty. These fans will fill up this entire stadium in below zero degree weather while it snows sideways in order to support their team, but you'll barely see anyone when the weather reminds you of a Dolphins home game.

That's the difference between preseason and championship football for Pats fans. Unless a Lombardi is being dangled in front of them, don't bother.