The start of the college basketball season is just around the corner as teams are getting ready to bring the madness back. As the season gets closer, you just hope that no injuries arise and that the beginning of season arrives smoothly.

Well, you can kiss a smooth arrival goodbye for the Deamon Deacons, as one of their assistant coaches may be responsible for a man's death.

​​Demon Deacons coach Jamill Jones got in an altercation with a tourist from Florida very early Sunday morning in Long Island City, a neighborhood in Queens.

The tourist, Sabor Szabo, was apparently drunk and waiting for his ride, causing lots of commotion banging on cars outside. One of those cars was reportedly Jones'. The coach decided to take action, as the two got in a fist fight. Szabo was knocked to the ground and hit his head on the street. He later died in the hospital due to his injuries. 

This is the last thing a ​college basketball program needs right before the season. Sure, you can try and recover from an injury or two, but if one of your coaches is charged with an assault that eventually killed someone, that's something that can shake up your teams focus. Just an awful story all around.