​MLB fans were introduced to ​Players' Weekend last season, where they saw their favorite teams ditch their traditional uniforms for brightly colored, pullover jerseys. But the greatest aspect of the event has to be the nicknames on the back of the jerseys.

And now that Players' Weekend is nearly upon us once again, we may have an early winner for best nickname of 2018. Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Brad Boxberger's jersey was revealed, and there are no letters to be found on the back. Instead, there are two emojis. 

A box and a burger. 

​​Just give the man his award already.

Sure, emoji-based communication is a normal thing now. But Boxberger is ahead of the curve, becoming the first player to use emojis on his name plate in the history of MLB.

We all thought nobody would be able to top ​Kyle Seager's "Corey's Brother" nickname that he donned last season, but here we are with a new grand champion of Players' Weekend.

Boxberger's jerseys and shirts for the Aug. 24-26 weekend are on sale now. Get them now before they all sell out (and before we buy them all).