Training camp is a time for players to ​make impressions. Every year teams bring in dozens of unproven prospects and give them all a shot at making an NFL roster. That is exactly what undrafted rookie Chris Warren III did on this play. In a joint practice with the Detroit Lions, Warren III took the ball on a handoff and cut right. There was a Lions defender in the hole waiting for him though.

That didn't matter. Warren III barreled right through him, knocking the defender on his back and gained a couple extra yards in the process. 

If a tough play like this doesn't endear Warren III to the coaching staff I don't know what will. It's basically everything they want to see from a player in one play.

Warren III played college ball at Texas. During his time with the Longhorns, he was relegated to the backup position. He made the most of it though, averaging 58.8 yards per game and 6 yards per carry. 

Hopefully, Warren III finds himself on the Raiders roster when it is all said and done because we need to see more plays li