Although ​Ben Zobrist is currently nursing an injury to his hip, the two-time champion is enjoying his time away from the diamond. 

Chicago can definitely use his production on the field right now, as the versatile slugger is still one of the best contact hitters in the MLB, holding a .313 average and 44 RBI on the year. While he's fantastic at the plate, Zobrist isn't exactly the type of player to showcase this generation's definition of fashion. 

In a hilarious Instagram post from his wife Julianna, she revealed her husband rocking an extremely interesting outfit. 

​​Her caption read, "A security guard asked my husband about his outfit. Ben explained that he had to dress up like another player on the team for this road trip. The security guard said, “Oh so your wife had to too?” To which Ben replied, “No no. That’s just her daily vibe.”

Unfortunately, the identity of the teammate was not revealed, but either way this is quite funny. 

Fans would definitely like to see Zobrist on the field for t​he Cubs instead of wearing funky outfits. However, he could use some rest after spending countless years giving 100 percent effort. 

​​Zobrist might frighten opposing pitchers when he's in uniform, but he probably won't be giving anyone nightmares when wearing a shirt with Mona Lisa on it.