The New York Yankees have had their hands full with the White Sox, but it's nothing like the problem that Chicago has had with Giancarlo Stanton. The Yankees slugger went yard last night late in the game and has followed it up by sending another one over the fence. This time, it'll cost the White Sox four runs. 

​​Hey  Adam Engel, trying catching that one. 

This kind of outburst is needed from Stanton. Many people are focusing on the struggles of the Yankees as a whole, but last year's MVP is not absolved of the blame as he's hit just .236 with three homers and 16 strikeouts in the last 15 days. 

If he can get red hot and send dingers over the wall on a consistent basis, it'll be all the Yankees need to make their run. 

​​The Yankees have a light schedule in front of them, but it doesn't matter if the bats don't wake up. Hopefully, the sound of this blast snapped everyone awake.