On Wednesday, ​the NCAA announced sweeping changes to college basketball. P​layers may now hire agents while still in high school or college. This way if they declare for the draft and don't get selected, they can return to the school they played for. 

On the surface, this sounds great, Players can get a better feel for life as a professional and have a backup plan in case things don't work out. However, it might be little more than a stunt. 

Adrian Wojnarowski, an NBA beat writer for ESPN, states how even though the NCAA said all of these changes are going to be made, the way they handled the release led to some concerns. ​​

​​In other words, there's still a lot to be sorted out before this actually takes effect, especially on the side of USA Basketball. Most importantly, there needs to be guidelines in regards to which prospects are considered elite. 

What exactly is going on here? When you take a closer look at the new proposed rule by the NCAA, it seems like they're trying to beat around the bush rather than get right to it.

This isn't a good look for an organization who's college basketball brand has been ​ravaged by scandal in recent years. This is a decent step in the right direction. However, at some point, the NCAA needs to talk to USA Basketball and the Player's Association to make this a reality. 

Will they finally do something good? It's the NCAA, so don't count on it.