​After years of speculation and minor tweaks, the NCAA is making a major change regarding their rules pertaining to the NBA Draft. No longer will players who go undrafted be left out to dry by their former colleges.

In a series of rule changes, the NCAA will allow players that go undrafted to return to school if they meet a simple series of requirements. 

​​Players will have to request an Undergraduate Advisory Committee evaluation, participate in the NBA combine, and notify their athletic director of their intent by 5 p.m. ET the Monday after the ​NBA Draft if they plan to return after going not being selected. 

Two years ago the ​NCAA made a rule change that extended the period of time in which players had to test the draft waters before making a final decision. That move was seen as a way to help players make more educated decisions and this takes it a step further by providing a security blanket to players who were wrong in betting on themselves. 

In this year's draft, 181 underclassmen initially declared but over 100 rescinded their names before the deadline. Under these new rules, that group of 100 could've kept their names in the draft but gone back to school if no team selected them. 

This change was just one in a large series of moves made by the NCAA in response to some of the scandals that have tarnished the integrity of the game in recent years. ​​