​Klay Thompson's goatee has become almost as noticeable as his lightning-quick shot release. Well, that goatee is now gone.

Sorta, kinda.

Ahhh, Klay is rocking a new look. The goatee might just be ever-so-slightly-shaved. Perhaps the mustache has been grown out just a little bit too. 

Same old ​Klay.

The new addition is the beard. It hides the goatee and makes him not look like a 45-year-old man. He also seems to be growing his hair out too.

Is it me, or does his new hairstyle look exactly like Carl Wheezer's from Jimmy Neutron? He's got that frizzled hair at the top just like Carl. 

Jokes aside, this must have been a fairly recent change by Klay. Take a look at this Aug. 2 tweet by Thompson. 

This ad likely wasn't shot on this exact date but it probably was pretty close to it. That means this beard was grown quite recently. 

Perhaps ​China changed Klay in more ways than one? Klay Beard certainly looks better than old, Goatee Klay.