When you have your All-Star stud on the mound, you don't really need that much run support. Juan Soto is pretty new to the MLB at just 19 years old, so he might not know this. That's got to be the reason why he when yard over the opposite field fence in the first inning to give Max Scherzer an early lead, right? 

You didn't need to be on Facebook to watch that bomb. 

Soto is an absolute monster. He's doing things at the ripe age of 19 that people can't do their entire career. The young outfielder is already raking the ball at an alarming rate and is proving he'll be the backbone of the Washington Nationals soon enough, whether Bryce Harper is there or not. 

Just look how his first 68 games compare to a few of the best players to ever pick up a baseball bat. 


He might end up with the best season a teenager has ever had, but that might not even hold a candle to how bright the future is for this kid.