Recently there was a storm brewing by Citi Field and no, that's not a clever play on words to describe the play of the Mets or the reaction of the fans. There was an actual thunderstorm. 

And, it was pretty damn close to the bleachers.

We'd like to call our Uber now, please. That looks like a good time to go home. In the second picture, it looks like the lightning is actually touching the very top of the stadium.

Definitely, time to go home. That looks way to close for comfort. It even looks like it may have given a few people a fresh new haircut.

The Mets themselves had a different reaction to the weather. 

Now that's a pretty clever play on words but it still doesn't take away from the fact that those are absolutely huge lightning bolts just blazing down from the heavens.

The ​Mets and Reds game had to be delayed and is set to be rescheduled with the time TBD. Maybe next time they should check the weather forecast and make sure that there isn't a freakin' thunderstorm right outside the stadium.