​Bruce Pearl has been steadily rebuilding his reputation as Auburn's men's basketball coach. In fact, his ​contract was recently extended through 2022-23. But the past never leaves you. And Pearl, who was fired from the University of Tennessee in 2011, just realized that in a big, big way.

The coach finally sold his West Knoxville home this week after being out of town since at least 2014, but lost over $200,000 on the transaction compared to the original price he paid.

Looking to invest in real estate in the Knoxville area, Pearl bought the house in 2014 for over $1.1 million. He ended up having to settle for a loss and sell the house for only $882,000. Though he lost on the one hand, he won on the other by finally being able to sever his ties with Tennessee.

Back in 2011, Pearl was dismissed as the Vols head basketball coach after the NCAA learned of off-court violations. He gave false information to investigators about how high school juniors attended a cookout he hosted, and he also violated rules regarding player pass lists dictating who can and cannot received complimentary tickets to games. Pearl was rung up for unethical conduct, and that was that.

But the Auburn Tigers decided to give Pearl a second chance, however, and he has been the head coach there since the 2014-15 season.

Even though it took years to sell, Pearl and his family can finally take some relief in the property being off their hands. 

All told, after tainting Tennessee basketball's reputation so badly and ​getting caught in another whirlwind scandal at Auburn, Pearl should just be happy that the house under his name sold at all.