When ​Virginia Tech reporter Andy Bitter bolted The Roanoke Times for The Athletic, it appeared that he was leaving his former job behind. Clearly, that wasn't the case. 

Before switching gigs, Bitter was directed to turn over his Twitter account for the next ​Hokies reporter to use. Instead, he kept the access to his handle and used it to promote his new company's subscription services. 

Obviously, that wasn't going to fly with the Roanoke Times, who are now suing Bitter for not handing over the Twitter handle's access. 

There are some bitter feelings right now, and yes, the pun is definitely intended. ​

It's safe to say that this lawsuit doesn't look promising for Bitter, who was actually passed down the account from his predecessor. Honestly, it's not like he's showing any regret over his actions, as he continues to promote his new employer. 

From keeping access to accounts to buying followers, the sports world has officially seen it all with reporters.