​LeBron James may have found his greatest teammate yet, and no, we're not talking about anyone on the Lakers.  

Don't be mistaken, James' decision to open the ​I Promise School in Akron is one of the greatest accomplishments ever for anyone, not just an athlete. With that said, the four-time MVP is fortunate enough to receive help along the way. 

While King James' foundation will spend at least $2 million annually, Ohio taxpayers are doing the heavy lifting. In fact, the school for at-risk students will cost about $8 million per year, with the majority of the costs aimed toward shifting students and teachers from other schools. 

​​Obviously, LBJ will receive the majority of the praise for this school because of his platform. However, it's touching to see all of Ohio join in on this amazing achievement. 

Although it's almost safe to say that this school doesn't get built without having this large sum of money, James pushed very hard for this to become a reality. 

​​Forget about all the controversy surrounding President Trump and ​LeBron James, and shift that focus over to the positive outcomes of building this school. 

Regardless of all the credit sent toward James, the taxpayers in Ohio were the unsung heroes of the operation.