We know the New England Patriots went above and beyond for Tom Brady's birthday with the most ridiculously large cake you'll ever see. It sounds like his tight end went a different direction, although he was laughing too hard to even get the message out. 

​​Oh boy. You know that's something that can't be said out loud. 

When he says it's something that could get everyone in trouble, you know it's something we'll never know about, even if he does tease everyone on Twitter about it. With the way this party animal works, it's just something that may be best unsaid. 

We all know Gronk has a ton of money thanks to his contract. Plus, the extra money he's won on horse racing doesn't hurt either. He has enough money to essentially buy anything, but he still went and apparently bought the perfect Gronk gift. 

One thing we know for certain is it's definitely not another giant cake.