Matt Harvey is back in New York, so naturally, he had something to say. 

The former savior of Citi Field is already making his presence known. Harvey already did everything in his power to be difficult by scheduling his interview the same time Mickey Callaway was going to speak. He wasn't done gunning for his former manager as he had to hit him with one more jab.

When speaking about the difference between pitching for the Mets and the Reds, he joked about Callaway's decision to send him to the bullpen. 

​​This is the guy the Mets are having a video tribute for? 

He was relatively genuine during the majority of his press conference, stating how he enjoyed his time here and did make some mistakes. Of course, it's hard to take him seriously when makes a joke about the extremely reasonable decision to take a struggling diva out of the rotation.

​​Maybe Harvey feels like he has earned the right to speak since his ERA is more than two points lower in Cincinnati than it was in New York. Granted it's still a disappointing 4.79, but that's Harvey for you.