John Wall and the Wizards were generating way more attention than ever last season, and they honestly weren't ready for it. There was a lot of hype centering around the aftermath of their 49-win season in 2016-2017, and they just couldn't perform under the pressure.

After letting everyone down when there were more eyes on them than ever, John Wall pretty much just confirmed the team can't handle the media pressure.

Even after having a pretty ​decent offseason this year, the Wizards aren't being talked about as much this time around. A year ago they were in the contender discussion, but now teams such as the 76ers, Pacers and Bucks have surpassed them in such talks regarding the Eastern Conference.

Since they couldn't handle the pressure last season, it seems that fans are over the once exciting John Wall and Bradley Beal duo. Wall doesn't see this as a dramatic issue, though. 

"When we were that team that was flying under the radar, we came out and showed people what we were capable of," Wall told NBC Sports Washington. "Then, when we were the team that everyone was talking about and everyone had so many high expectations for, we kind of failed those expectations." 

Wall also explained that the underdog mentality gives him extra motivation and inspires him to prove people wrong. I guess this is a good way to approach being a team that no one seems interested in or views as a serious threat...

Although most people won't be watching, we should perhaps pay a small amount of attention to the Wizards to see if Wall and the Wiz perform better without the hype like he says they will.