​If Mondays could be defined in a single image, then Shaun Weiss' mugshot might be the perfect example. 

Weiss received his big acting gig in the form of 'The Might Ducks,' which is considered of the most beloved hockey movies of all time. He might be known for being 'Goldberg,' but that wasn't the only film he was a part of during his childhood days. 

Unfortunately, Weiss has gone through a dark time in recent years, resulting in several embarrassing arrests. Although this won't be the worst crime he's been put in handcuffs over, the former Ducks goalie definitely had one of the most ​disturbing mugshots ever taken. 

Seriously, this could possibly erase your childhood memories of Weiss. 

​​How in the world did this happen? Weiss is still just 38 years old, yet he looks borderline homeless in this photo. 

Even though he was arrested for public intoxication, it's clear that his past arrest for possession of meth is validated. Besides, what else can explain for him looking unrecognizable.

​​Unlike the reunions that have occurred between the cast of ​'The Sandlot', fans of 'The Mighty Ducks' are left wondering where their childhood heroes went wrong. 

Hopefully Weiss gets back on the right track, but it doesn't look exactly promising after seeing this haunting mugshot.