​If getting swept in a four-game series with Boston wasn't horrible enough, ​the Yankees have another embarrassment on their hands. While this latest blunder isn't coming from their performance on the field, Michael Kay took an unfair shot at ​Clint Frazier during his radio show, attempting to shame the talented outfielder for "not getting healthy." And he wasn't kidding.

​​This has to be some twisted joke. 

Not only is this humiliating because he expects Frazier to prevent himself from the recurrence of concussion symptoms, but it's also ridiculous for the play-by-play commentator of the Yankees to publicly criticize one of their players. 

Does Kay really believe that Frazier would rather watch Shane Robinson earn at-bats over himself? Seriously, this makes absolutely zero sense, especially considering the severity of injuries to the head. 

Losing ground in the AL East was devastating. However, it doesn't come close to the aftermath of bashing a youngster for taking time to heal from a concussion. 

Congrats, Michael Kay, the Yankees are now the laughingstock of the MLB for this week.