OAKLAND, CA - AUGUST 04:  Nick Martini #38 of the Oakland Athletics and Ramon Laureano #22 celebrate after the game against the Detroit Tigers at the Oakland Coliseum on August 4, 2018 in Oakland, California. The Oakland Athletics defeated the Detroit Tigers 2-1. (Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)

3 Reasons the Oakland A's Can Absolutely Make a Playoff Run

In the blink of an eye, the Oakland A's have become a Wild Card team. The whole season people have been talking about the Seattle Mariners and their insane ability to win one-run games. However, now the A's are playing some great baseball, so great that they may even be able to surpass the Yankees in the Wild Card race. Here are three reasons that the Oakland A's can make a playoff run.

3. Khris Davis is a Monster

Khris Davis has been on a rampage this season. Batting .253 with 31 homers and 86 RBI, Davis has simply been unstoppable. He is a threat for the long ball every time he steps up to the plate and thus far has been a huge part of the A's success.

2. Mariners and Yankees Are Both Collapsing

The Seattle Mariners have struggled since July. The magic that once won them every one-run game seems to be gone. The New York Yankees definitely do not seem invincible anymore after getting swept by the Boston Red Sox. The A's two main competitors in the Wild Card Standings are falling at the same exact time that the A's are surging, making this as good a time as ever for Oakland to take over.

1. Low Expectations

There has essentially been zero pressure on the A's this season. After finishing last in the AL West in 2017, Oakland was not expected to do much of anything in 2018. However, now they seem like legitimate contenders. We saw the same thing with the New York Yankees last year, going straight from a rebuild to almost making the World Series. The A's essentially have nothing to lose, and that makes them poised for greatness.

The A's are in a great position right now to make a playoff run. Don't sleep on Oakland as October approaches.