​Let's hope $80 is worth deportation and a good laugh.

A man decided spur-of-the-moment to streak across the field during a Seattle Mariners vs. ​Toronto Blue Jays game at Safeco Field on Sunday. And the incident, although hilarious, is coming at a steep price. The man, who is reportedly a citizen of Ireland but has been living in Vancouver, took an $80 bet from his friends to run across the field in his birthday suit.

Now? There's a chance this man will not just be headed back to Canada-- he'll be sent all the way home to Ireland.

The streaker's friends have promised to start a GoFundMe page to get him bailed out of jail, where he remains for now. ​​

​Hilarious? Sure. For about two whole minutes. Worth being deported from where you live, jail time and a huge ​​bail payment? Definitely not. 

It's safe to say 10/10 would not recommend following suit.