The Houston Astros knew exactly what they were getting into and the backlash that was sure to come as a result of recently acquiring controversial former Blue Jays pitcher Roberto Osuna.

Osuna was issued a 75-game suspension by the league this season for a still ongoing domestic assault case, which violated the MLB's conduct policy. The injury to starter Lance McCullers left the door open for the Astros to reinstate Osuna, and they made sure to have a statement ready for their questionable decision.

The Astros have made it clear that although the circumstance was tough, the organization feels comfortable enough with all of the information currently at hand to give Osuna a second chance. 

That doesn't mean their knowledge and study of his case will sit well with fans who are not given access to all of the details.

The defending World Series champs made a choice that they were never under any circumstances forced into. It's only a matter of time before we find out if this will all blow up in their faces.