​Folks, Randy Moss is definitely NOT sticking to sports.

On the heels of President Donald Trump insulting LeBron James on Twitter late Friday night, Randy Moss wasn't about to shy away from hot-button issues at Saturday's Pro Football Hall of Fame inductions in Canton, Ohio. Though the famous gold jacket tends to be the unifying symbol of the day's enshrinements, a different clothing item is grabbing all the headlines in regards to Moss' big moment-- his tie.

​It was inscribed with the names of a number of African-Americans who lost their lives in recent years following ugly run-ins with law enforcement. Many of these people, though not all of them, were shot and killed by police.

That's quite a statement from the iconic wide receiver. And it only fuels a conversation about racial injustice and the dynamics of the use of lethal force by law enforcement. The topic clearly isn't fading away from the public discourse-- nor should it.

Though many were quick to blast Moss for injecting such subject matter into the pomp and circumstance of the Hall of Fame, it's worth wrapping our heads around the fuller context of Moss' views on the role of law enforcement in American society:

Particularly in light of Trump's divisive tweet about James, which seemingly came out of nowhere, it's only natural that we're continuing to discuss race in America through the lens of our sports right on through the weekend.

If Randy Moss meant to further that discussion, he did so in a manner that can rightly be considered provocative.

​And I'll personally commend him for it. Because the pain of these lost lives isn't ever going to go away. The only thing we can do is sit with it and reckon with it. And we absolutely must.