Buffalo's ​Kelvin Benjamin is many things at once. He's a fearsome talent at the wide receiver position, yet has missed entire seasons due to injury. It's hard to pin down exactly how he'll be remembered given that his availability is so unpredictable.

But one thing that we know unequivocally is ​how he feels about former teammate Cam Newton. There shall be no debating that question any longer.


So, Cam has insufficient knowledge and lackluster accuracy compared to pretty much all of his fellow Pro Bowlers? Yikes. We're talking about a former MVP here.

The natural inclination was to assume ​Killa Cam would fire back in no uncertain terms. And if you thought that, you were wrong.

​​This is... refreshing. Maybe we're seeing a new version of the Panthers QB far more at peace with himself that we've witnessed in the past. If so, that's surely good news for everyone.

It's all love. He just wants to work. Big if true.

This one may as well be squashed. A striking moment of self-control from Cam!