​Wow, Britt. You really nailed this one. Here's a gold star.

President Donald Trump, out of nowhere Friday night, reached out and called LeBron James stupid, showing a complete lack of respect just days after LeBron opened an academy for at-risk youth in Akron, Ohio.

Ignoring the fact that LeBron's helped the least fortunate members of his community more in this sweeping gesture than Trump ever has, ex-ESPN reporter Britt McHenry thinks this criticism was totally justified.

​​Yeah, that's it. 

Except for, you know, ​LeBron only called Trump a "bum" because he disinvited Steph Curry from the White House in a sweeping rude gesture. Additionally, if Trump calling someone trying to uplift society's weakest "stupid" is the right's idea of an awesome comeback to something unrelated LeBron said a year ago, then congrats, Mr. President. You're the George Costanza of comebacks. 

Also, you know, there is that other thing. ​LeBron James is a basketball player. Donald Trump is the leader of the free world and the freaking President of the United States.

Even if we're absurdly holding the two men to the same standard, LBJ is still wiping the floor with the Commander in Chief.

And now that Bron doesn't live in a swing state, all bets are off. One-on-one. No holds barred. Britt McHenry, you can't come.