​When absolutely ​nothing's going wrong for you, you're allowed to talk a little smack, even if you're the manager. Alex Cora's Red Sox have a long DL, a patchwork rotation, and a rookie manager, and yet they literally never lose games. Being entirely unable to recall the last time they lost, Cora has now taken to mocking the opposing team openly. He didn't love Luis Severino's first pitch high and tight to Mookie Betts Friday night, and after Sevy threw 5.2 innings of four-run ball, Cora wrapped his presser by posterizing him.

​​There may be no bigger stereotypical Boston fan than the Red Sox manager himself. So fitting.

Cora and the Sox used Severino's errant pitch as a way to get themselves artificially jacked up, as if they needed it anyway. This Boston team could beat the Yankees in their sleep. Steve Pearce could dinger off this pitching staff with a bat held between his damn teeth.

Regardless, this should get the rivalry juices flowing if you like mocking a pitcher after he's just had a tough start--the Boston Special, we call it.