Did you hear? Johnny Manziel finally made his long-awaited CFL debut for the Montreal Alouettes. It could very well be the most hyped-up debut Canadian football has ever had.

It did not go well.

​Not only did Johnny football toss an interception with literally his very first pass-- he ended up going FULL PETERMAN.

​That's right. Four interceptions, and all in the first half.

With this in mind, we thought it would be the perfect time to go back through some of the most outrageous, irresponsible, fact-free tweets from one of America's favorite loudmouths, Skip Bayless of Fox Sports.

Johnny himself isn't retreating into the shadows tonight; he's disappearing into the bushes like Homer Simpson.

​​Yeah, the Texans are really busted up right now. Someone should call them and make sure they're okay.

​​Cool story, bro.

Jerry Jones is playing the world's smallest violin for you, Skip.

To be fair, this tweet wasn't even from four entire years ago. He's probably just "figuring it out" at his own pace.

If he wants to make money moves, he should listen to Cardi B instead of playing football.

​​He'll only be bigger in a sense if he keeps cultivating that dad bod.