This is the most ridiculous food item I have ever joke.

​​Tom Brady's birthday is on Friday. The future Hall of Fame quarterback is turning 41 (!) and he is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

To celebrate his big day, the Patriots have assembled what has to be one of the most insane cakes ever created: this monstrosity in the shape of Tom's jersey number.

​​Good lord. I cannot imagine how many calories that thing contains.

Obviously, this will be a group effort, but I'm not even sure the Patriots whole team can take this thing down. Luckily during training camp, the team has a 90-man roster, but even with that and all the assembled staff, this is still gonna be a challenge for the ages, especially because you know some guys (like ​disciplinarian coach Bill Belichick) probably will skip out. 

Seriously, can you imagine Belichick eating cake?

Not only are the Pats presenting this absurd pastry to​ their franchise QB, they're also giving him a balloon version of himself and a giant birthday 'card' of sorts.

​​Impressive craftsmanship on the balloons, by the way. Whoever made that is a true professional.

New England has made feting their quarterback a yearly tradition. Last year, on ​Brady's big 40th, the team brought in five actual goats, representing the five Super Bowl rings that their GOAT has won.

But this year, they have outdone themselves.

This cake must have cost an obscene amount of money, and honestly, just seeing it blows you away.

I know Brady is a multi-millionaire, who probably has seen his fair share of crazy parties, but this is one he won't soon forget.