​Despite being an outstanding NBA player back in his heyday, Gilbert Arenas is known for having occasionally suspect basketball knowledge. Preconceptions aside, however, the following video of Arenas breaking down why ​Lonzo Ball's jump shot is ineffective is strikingly insightful.

Ask any basketball purist what's the most important part of a player's game, and the answer is always fundamentals. As Arenas points out in the video, Ball's shooting mechanics, both in his the feet and in his release, are a big reason why he has struggled to score in the NBA.

Ball's jumper has been the biggest critique of his game since his days at Chino Hills. And the further he moved up in competition, the more his shooting became a problem.

On the ​Los Angeles Lakers this year, Ball is fortunate enough to not have to worry about scoring since LeBron James, one of the world's best scorers, has joined the roster. James will take pressure off of Ball offensively, and should put the second-year point guard in a position to flourish.

Ball must keep in mind, though, James is only a part time solution to his jump shot woes. Once the King is gone, Ball will once again be leaned on to score. So, while Ball isn't needed to be a primary scoring threat on the Lakers, the one thing he should work on is his shot.

Lonzo Ball needs to fix his jumper, the future of Big Baller Brand depends on it.