Detroit Pistons forward Blake Griffin will have to add a very expensive bill to his monthly budget moving forward after reports revealed he was ordered by Los Angeles Superior Court to pay approximately $258,000 per month in child support to ex-fiancé Brynn Cameron.

The $3 million per year total for his two children, Ford (5) and Finn (2), will account for nearly 10 percent of Griffin's annual reported income as he shares joint custody with Cameron.

That total per year certainly eclipses some of the salaries of the NBA's most well-known names, which includes Sacramento Kings guard De'Aaron Fox, who took the time to comment on what he thought of the news.

Fox isn't exaggerating, as he's currently making almost $5.5 million this upcoming season and about $6.4 million next year under his rookie deal.

Uh-oh, let's hope there aren't any NBA player holdouts to come of this after Brynn got a sweet deal like this.