​Mark your calendar, the Pistons and ​Thunder game this season will surprisingly be filled with drama. 

​Steven Adams isn't one to shy away from making outlandish comments, even if they completely boggle everyone's mind. He had no issue sharing his thoughts on his teammates in his new book. Out of all the players he's shared time with, Adams took ample time to rip into Reggie Jackson's ego. 

It was well-documented that Oklahoma City's former backup guard wanted out, as Jackson believed he deserved the starting role over Russell Westbrook. Clearly, the Thunder center wasn't very fond of his attitude, which sparked Adams to release his thoughts on the dilemma. 

Adams had more than enough harsh words to share, but the real eye-popping line was the team's reaction after they traded Jackson. "You've got to be some kind of fool to seriously think you should be starting over Russ."

​​Honestly, reading the Thunder's view of Jackson is interesting, as he didn't receive much love from the locker room. 

In the end, Westbrook kept his rightful job in OKC and Jackson found himself a home in Motor City. Yet, it's always enjoyable to hear anything come from Adams.

​​Anytime Jackson drives on OKC next year, we'll all be waiting to see if Adams can reject him once again. Move over, Draymond Green and Tristan Thompson, the NBA has another rivalry ready to develop.