​Back in April, Urban Meyer was rewarded with an ​contract extension through January 2023. His total salary for the 2018 season became $7.6 million, making him the third-highest paid coach nationally. 

What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, did I mention that Meyer's extension included a clause that required him to report allegations of abuse? And if he did not report those allegations, he could be fired with cause and not collect his $38 million buyout? Oh my. 

Maybe he should have read his contract a little more carefully before signing.

It's still unclear how Ohio State will interpret the clause. ​Courtney Smith, Zach Smith's ex-wife, has reported that Smith has not abused her since 2015, which was way before Meyer signed his contract extension that required him to report allegations. 

But, it should have been unspoken that Meyer would report the allegations, even if they were made three years prior.

If Ohio State does fire Meyer with cause and refuses to pay his $38 million buyout, it is also unclear whether the former coach will take the issue to court. 

Either way, this has all been a terrible look for Meyer and the entire Ohio State football program.