This is bound to end horribly.

Roberto Osuna pitcher is caught in the middle of a nasty domestic violence case that will taint his career if (more like when) he's found guilty, and the Astros have caught major heat for picking him up at the trade deadline despite their zero-tolerance policy. 

Houston has attempted to cover up their error with​ loads of excuses, one of them being that Osuna is feeling "remorseful" for his actions. The big problem here is that Osuna's lawyer shut down those comments immediately. 

​​Osuna is pleading not guilty, so no one can say he's feeling remorseful for a crime he's claiming he didn't commit. Houston most likely used that word out of context in their statement, but in reality it only adds fuel to the fire. 

Are the Houston Astros just lying to fans to save face? (Answer: Obviously.)

​​Both sides of this story are embarrassing themselves simply because they're not on the same page. The Astros need to own the fact that they just knowingly ​acquired a domestic abuser and stop interfering with made-up remorse. Osuna's lawyer needs to let Houston try to salvage any chance of Osuna being a successful Astro. 

The reality is though, fans won't change their opinions on an abuser no matter what anyone says.