As if this offseason couldn't get any worse for Seattle, ​Earl Thomas has made his stance abundantly clear to the organization.

For the past few weeks, the superstar safety has been absent from ​training camp. The six-time Pro Bowler isn't thrilled with his current contract situation, and while he's still a member of the Seahawks, Thomas gave the franchise two options in his latest Players' Tribune article:

Extend me or trade me. Period.

Right now, Thomas is the last man standing from the "Legion of Boom," but things aren't looking promising for the All-Pro defensive back's future in the Pacific Northwest.

It's no secret that defenders play an intense brand of football, which is exactly why he wants an extension. "If you’re risking your body to deliver all of this value to an organization, then you deserve some sort of assurance that the organization will take care of you if you get hurt. It’s that simple," Thomas said. "It’s the reason I’m holding out — I want to be able to give my everything, on every play, without any doubt in my mind." 

We've seen ​the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders linked to the 29-year-old safety, as executives around the league believe he'll be shipped out of Seattle.

​​Thomas witnessed Richard Sherman get cut and Kam Chancellor retire during this offseason. Ultimately, the superstar is looking for long-term security at a position that requires taking risks. 

Even though this entire saga has been quite exhausting, Thomas finally brought clarity to the situation with his comments. The ball is literally in your court, Seattle.