Carmelo Anthony may not have played a single game with the Atlanta Hawks, but they're still paying him like an absolute superstar. 

The Hawks finalized a contract buyout​ with Anthony following their ​three-way trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder and Philadelphia 76ers. And somehow, Atlanta will still pay Melo a massive $25.5 million in 2018-19, making him one of the highest played players in the NBA on a team he's never going to play for. 

​​In his just five days with the Hawks, Melo has earned himself one hefty paycheck. 

Melo made more in those short five days than Joel Embiid, Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving, John Wall, and Andrew Wiggins are slated to make in the 2018-19 season. That's just embarrassing. The move itself isn't terrible for the Hawks, but paying a mediocre player that much when he's just going to test free agency is absolute insanity. 

​​There aren't many people that can say they've been able to make $5.1 million per day in their careers. Some players may not even make that much over the entire span of their time in the NBA. 

​​To put those numbers into an even more insane perspective, Anthony was making $59.02 a second and $3,541.66 every minute. Everyone can hate on Carmelo and his terrible play as of late, but at least he can make nearly $60 a second and still play terrible basketball. 

Maybe Melo can instill a little life back into his game ​wherever he ends up. He won't be making $5.1 million a day with his new team though, I can guarantee that.