Is there anything easier than chirping Jay Cutler? Seriously, everyone wants a piece of the action, including the man who made him look downright foolish in 2010. 

Recently retired NFL cornerback DeAngelo Hall said he'd be in the Hall of Fame if he played against Cutler more frequently during his career. ​

Someone please tell me where the lie is in this statement. 

Hall famously intercepted ​Cutler four times in one game when ​Hall's Redskins defeated Cutler's Bears 17-14. If he strung together a couple more four interception games, Hall would've had a bust made in Canton, Ohio before he ever hung up his cleats. 

Hall's NFL career has been nothing to scoff at as he's totaled 43 interceptions, 10 touchdowns, 636 tackles and 11 forced fumbles over the course of a 15-year run in which he was consistently regarded as one of the better corners in the league. 

It would only be fitting if Hall tells the world he's going to take a job as a broadcaster before deciding to give it one more shot on the field and picking off four interceptions in a game called by Cutler. 

There is very little Cutler can do to change the perception of him, but if he could take that game in stride, the world would have to cut him some more slack.