The truth has a funny way of seeing the light of day. When you juggle a few too many plates in the air at once, they are all bound to come crashing down eventually. 

Urban Meyer finds himself on a seat hotter than the mid-summer Florida sun after reporter Brett McMurphy exposed what very much appear to be downright lies from the Ohio State head coach. 

Ohio State has no option other than to fire Meyer after it was revealed he knew and had been covering up domestic abuse​ by former assistant coach Zach Smith for years.

 At Big Ten Media Days, ​Meyer denied any knowledge of the allegations made against ​Smith in 2015 that he had continued to abuse his wife following the first instance in 2009, an instance that Meyer had been aware of. Meyer attempted to stand on the moral high ground by assuring reporters he would've fired Smith immediately had he known.

Unfortunately, all evidence points to the fact that Meyer did know. It was further than just abstract knowledge; his wife reportedly showed him the images of the abuse Courtney Smith was forced to endure from her now-ex-husband. He could see with his own two eyes what his monster of an assistant coach was doing to his wife.

 And now he needs to be fired for it. 

College football isn't exactly the Pearly Gates when it comes to morality, but certain transgressions can't go unpunished. The NFL has no idea how to discipline those who violate their domestic abuse policy, but that doesn't mean Ohio State has to follow the same model of incompetency. There is no reason why this dishonest fraud should be paid millions of dollars by a public institution only for millions of fans to fawn over him because he wins games. 

Forget about saving face for a program. Forget about doing what you can to salvage a recruiting class. At some point, you just need to do what's right in the name of humanity. Domestic abusers should not be protected just because they help your team beat Michigan. What kind of example does that set for the young men these guys are supposed to be molding? 

By the way, is anyone surprised that Meyer was lying through his teeth? This is the same guy who had at least 31 players ​​arrested under his watch at Florida.

Barring unforeseen developments, if Meyer still has a job by the end of this week, the athletic director and the president of the university should be next up on the chopping block.