​Some things are better left unsaid.

The Nationals made a last-second trade decision to​ send Brandon Kintzler to the Chicago Cubs that left some wondering what the overall goal was. After all, if you're not trading Bryce Harper, why trade anyone?

Even Kintzler himself was reportedly shocked. Chicago was looking for a reliever, sure, but no one had any reason to suspect it would be Kintzler.

It turns out the Nationals were more interested in getting rid of Kintzler by any means necessary.

The reliever was traded off to the Cubs because he was believed to be responsible for stories leaked to the press that tainted the image of Washington's clubhouse. 

​​Can you say drama? It was, of course, an anonymous source who told a reporter from Yahoo! Sports that the Nationals clubhouse was "a mess," but the Nationals have reason to believe it was Kintzler doing the talking. His actions are really just as bad as being the one creating the mess inside the clubhouse, if not worse. 

That's what you get for airing out your team's dirty laundry to the media, and if wasn't abundantly clear by now, the Nationals​ aren't messing around this season.