​Ohio State Buckeyes head football coach Urban Meyer may be on an uncomfortably hot seat soon.

Per the research and scooping of Brett McMurphy, it turns out the head coach apparently lied about his knowledge of domestic abuse allegations against one of his assistant coaches, WR coach Zach Smith, according to text messages from 2015.

​​This directly contradicts what he's told the media in recent weeks. Jim Tressel was dismissed for far less.

Meyer's shirking of responsibility over the Smith incident already seemed a little ridiculous, as the coach had overseen Smith's first abuses at Florida in 2009 and dismissed the seriousness of the accusations. Recently, he's refused to take any blame for keeping him on staff again, saying he didn't know about the issue's recurrence.

Meyer said, very plainly, that he "knew nothing about it," and that if he had known in 2015 about the allegations, ​he definitely would have fired Smith.

But now, with the revelation that Meyer definitely knew about the 2015 incident, and still kept Smith on his staff, the coach has been ratted out as a bold-faced liar. He should certainly face ​discipline at least from the school, if not from the NCAA.

Courtney Smith, ​Zach Smith's ex-wife, has revealed in an interview that “All the (coaches) wives knew. They all did. Every single one.”

Text messages confirm Courtney's claims, showing that Meyer and other coaches certainly knew about the domestic abuse which started in 2009 and continued until that 2015 report.

Look at the above Facebook link for the whole story, complete with text messages, assembled by Brett McMurphy. The evidence is pretty damning, and in hindsight some of the messages and stories are disgusting and horrifying to read.

Any other coach in America gets dismissed over this. Let's see if the Buckeyes hold Meyer to a similar standard.