​Long story short -- there's no crying in baseball. Especially when you have a 24-run lead. The Nationals had that 24-run lead against the Mets Tuesday night and it was ugly for all parties. The ugliest part of the game, though, didn't come from any sore losers on the Mets side, but rather from Shawn Kelley, the Nationals pitcher who gave up a three-run homer in the ninth inning. His reaction to letting up the runs was so ugly that his team designated him for assignment the next day. 

This kind of temper tantrum has no place in Major League Baseball, and it especially had no place in that game, where the Mets were already ​more than humiliated

For a pitcher to get that angry for letting up three runs in the ninth while his team still ​holds a lead bigger than two touchdowns, you have to wonder if he's got it all together.

Hint: He doesn't. 

And what the front office had to say about Kelley when pressed for comment was even more damning.

Everything's fine.

​​Hopefully being designated for assignment will teach Kelley a lesson on how to enjoy the game and not embarrass his team to pieces. What a shame.