Game on. During a press conference Tuesday, Jalen Ramsey showed equal parts confidence in his own game and an honest review of OBJ's with this response regarding the matchup they're poised for. This was one of the best athlete answers we've seen lately: totally honest.

​Ramsey clearly respects ​OBJ and his abilities on the field, but he's a beast in his own right and he knows that. He acknowledged that he's not going to be able to stop OBJ every single time, but he knows he won't get burned.

Ramsey knows that both he and OBJ have been working hard. He's also confident that both of them will put on a show.

With his incredible work ethic, you have to believe Ramsey will back up the talk. The man missed the early portion of training camp, then came back shortly after the birth of his daughter, full steam ahead.

Oh, and he's already doing 11-on-11 drills. OBJ better watch out.