Uh oh, Raiders fans, this is not good news.

According to Ian Rapoport on Twitter, the Raiders have had no contract talks with star defensive end Khalil Mack.

Not just that, they haven't discussed any kind of new deal since February. 

​Mack has been holding out of Raiders training camp because he is unhappy with is contract. He is set to make $13.85 million in 2018, but he obviously feels like he is worth more. 

Jon Gruden seems to be playing hardball, and he has made it evident he is not willing to overpay to keep Mack in Oakland, even going as far as to say, “We weren’t very good last year with Khalil Mack.”

Gruden has apparently not even talked to ​Mack once since he was hired as head coach back in January. This all points to signs of disfunction in the Raiders organization, both in communication and perceived coaching methods. 

Gruden's apparent rejection of new technology in the ​NFL and old school negotiation tactics could backfire on the Raiders, but we will just have to wait and see.