It doesn't seem like Baker Mayfield was the first player who had ​a secret clubhouse for quarterbacks during training camp.

Current Browns quarterback Drew Stanton was reminded of the time ​Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford brought in a secret RV for other Lions quarterbacks to hangout during training camp in 2010. 

We're not making this up. 

It seems like the RV concept is very similar to what the Browns are doing now. Based on what Stanton said, the RV was supposed to be a place where quarterbacks could have a private getaway from a cramped locker room. 

And although Stanton didn't go into detail in the interview, whatever secret quarterback stuff they were up to helped the team improve by five games.

However, Stafford did a much better job in keeping it a secret from the public, as the existence of the RV only surfaced now. Reporters weren't able to see the RV at the time because the player's private lot was obscured by a fence. 

It also helped that most of the attention during that training camp was Ndamukong Suh's rookie contract holdout. With Baker Mayfield being one of the interesting players to follow this year, it is no surprise that their RV wasn't hidden from the public.

If Stafford's RV helped the Lions improve, then Browns fans can hope that their quarterback RV can help the team improve from last year's horrible record.