​The Minnesota Vikings are quietly building an extremely strong core of players whom they've locked up for the next few years.

​After extending Stefon Diggs, the Vikings now have 10 studs nailed down for the next three seasons.

​​Look at that list. Minnesota has a top-10 quarterback,​ two dominant defensive ends, a starting defensive tackle, a cornerback, a starting tackle, one of the best safeties in the league, a starting middle linebacker, a feature back, and now a primary wideout all locked up for at least three years.

That's like half the team.

Minnesota may be slowly but surely becoming the newest dynasty. Already they seem to be replacing ​the Green Bay Packers as lords of the NFC North.

Sure, one bad season because Aaron Rodgers was injured doesn't mean the Pack are falling apart. But, the Vikings have certainly climbed to compete with them. The team has taken the division title in two of the last three years, and last year posted a 13-3 record, tied for best in the league.

All I'm saying is watch out for these guys, cause that core of 10 players is pretty scary.

And you can bet that by 2020 they will be even better than they are now.